iPhone 5s

This post is to demonstrate that you don’t need an expensive camera to get some good shots. I took a lot of photographs on my iPhone which turned out to be pretty decent, some of which got published in my local newspaper, although it has to be said that the quality of the images reduced when enlarging for prints.
A function I really like on an iPhone is the ability to quickly and easily direct which area to focus on in a scene through a simple tap on the screen, however the focus really isn’t great once zoomed in so when trying to get some macro-shots it requires a lot of patience and the need for the camera lens to be right up close and personal with the subject.

Below are some examples of the best photographs taken on my iPhone 5s:

1. Frost photos. I took these to try out some macro-photography as a close-up photo of morning frost has always been something i’ve wanted to capture:


2. Panoramic shots. These are really easy to create on an iPhone as it’s small handheld size enables the photographer to smoothly pan across a scene:


Botallack, Cornwall: A location used to film Poldark.

3. Telescope photos. Ok, so these ones aren’t easy, but it’s due to the iPhone’s small lens that made it just about possible to point it down the viewer for a good shot! This one definitely requires patience but it’s worth it and I doubt I could’ve done this with my Canon camera.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. General photographs which can be enhanced with editing. Once you know how, any photograph can be made better with a simple change of brightness, contrast and saturation. Maybe even give it a vignette for that more vintage and framed look. Obviously this will take away its originality, but a few very subtle changes can really make a difference to some.

5. Slo-mo videos. I tried this in a thunderstorm and got a great slow-motion clip of a lightning strike. Unfortunately as I don’t have premium settings I can’t upload it here, but give it a try and you’ll see what I mean!

So there you have it. Once you know how, there are no limits to what you can stretch a simple iPhone camera to do!


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